Does your face not look 100% like you? Do you want higher resolution? We got you covered.

Put simply: The AI learns from the pictures you provide. If there are even small differences in your appearance across those pictures, like changes in your hair, looks, or age, the AI learns from all of them and might mix those different “styles” when generating results. For instance, if you upload a picture with full hair and later another one where you’re bald, the AI considers both and might create variations that don’t exactly match any real image. Despite our efforts, we can’t guarantee complete control over the AI, although we employ various techniques and consistently work on improving its performance.

This tool employs an advanced Machine Learning Technique to examine “Your Picture”. It extracts your facial features from the “Your Picture” learns from them, and positions them within the “Target Picture” section.


1. Your Picture:
A new picture from you.

AI Headshot Generator before AI

2. Target Picture:
An Image where it’s not 100% you.

AI Headshot Generator After AI

❗ Image has to be from us.

3. Output:
Image that looks more like you.

Tool 1: Improve your Face (free)

Drop a file or click to select
Drop a file or click to select

3. Output

📈 Tool 2: Make your Image better resolution (free)