Check if your pictures are good for our AI Headshot tool

Why should I use that?

Our tool is checking if your pictures are good to use for our AI. The tool is checking for huge varieties of the pictures. A huge variety could confuse the AI and mix up the feature. Example: When you upload a picture with blond and blue hair, the AI could create a picture with purple hair.

Put simply: The higher your input images score with this tool, the better the output from our AI Headshot Generator. Get at least a score of 85%.

How do I use it?

Start by uploading a “baseline picture”. That should be the picture that looks most like you at the moment. Then upload other pictures to see how they score. If the score is too low, try to use another picture. Example: If your “baseline picture” shows your face clearly but the “Images to compare” have you wearing sunglasses, your score will be lower due to the low similarity. This affects the input for our AI Headshot generator tool.

Recommended minimal score: 85%