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Photogenicity is simply not one of my strengths. That’s why usually every occasion for portraits is a real feat of strength and patience for me. Today I tested the AI generator from Profile Bakery and am thrilled with the results.


There are many AI Generator options now, but Profile Bakery is faster than most, requires less pictures to generate your pictures, and is relatively afforadable compared to some other options.


My photos turned out great. The upload went very easily, the only thing that is a bit tedious are the instructions you have to follow when uploading, that could be simplified.

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What you can use our service for

AI Headshots Generator

Our AI Headshot Generator uses AI to create your Headshots. You only need to upload some photos, and our generator does the rest.

After a short while, you will receive your professional headshots, created by our AI.

AI application photos

We transform your ordinary photos into extraordinary application photos! All you have to do is upload your chosen photos, and let our advanced AI generator work its magic.

Within a brief period, you will get your professional pictures. We also support you in other topics of the application process.

AI portrait pictures

AI portrait pictures are a revolution in the world of photography. Through the magic of artificial intelligence, these portraits capture the essence of individuals like never before. The AI algorithms analyze facial features, expressions, and emotions, resulting in stunning and authentic portrayals of the subjects.

AI profile pictures

AI profile pictures are the next evolution in the world of digital self-expression for your Instagram and Social Media. Leveraging the capabilities of artificial intelligence, these profile pictures redefine how we present ourselves online. With AI’s keen eye, each picture becomes an authentic representation, capturing our personality, style, and uniqueness.

AI Dating Picture for Tinder and Bumble

In the realm of digital self-expression, AI Dating pictures mark a groundbreaking evolution.

The advent of AI Dating pictures empowers us to craft the ideal image, intricately customized to make a lasting impact on our social media persona.

Model Headshots

The emergence of high-quality model headshots offers individuals the opportunity to meticulously sculpt their online image, providing a polished and professional appearance. This innovation in personal imagery enables us to present ourselves in the best possible light, ensuring a memorable and impactful presence in the digital world.

Corporate Headshots

The introduction of sophisticated corporate headshots allows professionals to finely tailor their public persona, offering a sleek and authoritative image that stands out in the corporate landscape. This advancement in professional imagery empowers individuals and organizations alike to forge a commanding and credible identity, enhancing visibility and influence in their respective fields.

What our customers are asking

What are your recommendations for the upload of photos?

Here are our recommendations for the process:

  • Upload at least 8 Images.
  • Show your face in detail (if you don’t see for example the eye color on your photos, the AI also can’t see it).
  • Use photos where your face look similar (If you have in one blonde hair and in the other blue, the AI can mix it up).
  • Use different clothing styles and backgrounds. Else, sometimes the AI think certain clothes are a part of you and will reproduce them in all photos.
  • Use photos which have a size between 300 KB and 4 MB (also smaller and bigger images work).
What happens to my uploaded images? Do you use them for your AI technology?

We are committed to respecting your privacy and ensuring the confidentiality of your images. We only utilize your images for the sole purpose of training a model, contained within a single file of approximately 1-2 GB. Rest assured, both the model and your original images will be permanently deleted within one month. Please note that your images will not be sold, repurposed, or utilized for any marketing purposes without your explicit written consent.

What payment methods do you offer?

We accept all major credit cards and PayPal. Bank transfers are available for our business clients who have placed more than 10 orders.

What is the estimated delivery time?

The estimated delivery time for your pictures is two hours. If you haven’t received your pictures after this time, please check your spam folder first. If you still can’t find them or the folder is empy, please feel free to contact our support team at

How will I receive my pictures?

During the ordering process, you will be asked to provide your email address. The finalized images will then be sent to this email, along with a link that will allow you to access your gallery.

What makes Profile Bakery’s services unique?

Our services are distinguished by our extensive experience and strong foundation in studio photography. This enables us to accurately understand your specific needs, particularly when you request an AI Headshot. Moreover, our focus is on delivering professional photos, including application photos, headshots, and pictures for professional profiles such as LinkedIn. In addition, we offer unique extras such as CV checks, background changes, and application letter writing tools.

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