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Model headshots are crucial in the modeling industry as they serve as the primary tool for models to showcase their physical appearance, versatility, and potential to agencies and clients. These headshots are a professional representation of a model’s look, capturing their best features, expressions, and the unique qualities. High-quality model headshots are essential for creating a strong first impression, helping models secure casting calls and job opportunities. In essence, a compelling headshot opens doors and is often the first step in a model’s career advancement.

Model headshots costs and pricing

The cost of model headshots varies significantly based on several factors including the photographer’s experience, location, and the specific services included in the package.

For example, in the United States, prices for professional headshot sessions can range from as low as $200 to over $1000. Model Headshots at Profile Bakery already start at $24 due to our efficient AI. You just need some good picture of yourself to get started.

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Photogenicity is simply not one of my strengths. That’s why usually every occasion for portraits is a real feat of strength and patience for me. Today I tested the AI generator from Profile Bakery and am thrilled with the results.


There are many AI Generator options now, but Profile Bakery is faster than most, requires less pictures to generate your pictures, and is relatively afforadable compared to some other options.


My photos turned out great. The upload went very easily, the only thing that is a bit tedious are the instructions you have to follow when uploading, that could be simplified.

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FAQ about model headshots

For modeling, you typically need a variety of headshots that showcase your versatility and range. This includes a straight-on headshot with a natural expression to clearly show your face, a smiling headshot to display warmth and approachability, and a profile shot to highlight your bone structure.

For modeling, it’s recommended to have at least three to five high-quality headshots in your portfolio to showcase your versatility. This should include a straight-on headshot, a profile shot, and a range of expressions or looks that demonstrate your ability to fit various roles and styles.

The cost of model headshots varies widely, typically ranging from $200 to $1,500, with a photographer, with AI the range is between $24 and $100. The price for a studio shot is depending on the photographer’s experience, reputation, location, and the specifics of the shoot, such as the number of looks or outfit changes, and whether makeup and hairstyling services are included. High-end photographers or those with extensive industry experience may charge more, but investing in quality headshots is crucial for a model’s career, as these images are a key component of their professional portfolio.

In model headshots, whether you smile or not depends on the type of modeling you are pursuing and the range of emotions you wish to showcase. For commercial modeling, a natural, approachable smile can be beneficial to demonstrate your ability to sell products in a relatable manner. However, for fashion or editorial modeling, a more neutral or serious expression might be preferred to convey a wide range of moods and styles. It’s important to have a variety of headshots in your portfolio to cover different requirements and casting calls.

Choose simple, solid colors that complement your skin tone and avoid busy patterns. V-necks and tailored clothing are often flattering. Stick to classic styles that won’t date your photos quickly.

Opt for a natural yet polished look. Use makeup to enhance your features without overdoing it, and ensure your hair is clean and styled simply. Bring touch-up products to maintain your look.

Practice a range of expressions that convey different moods or roles. Relaxed, natural smiles and serious looks are essential. Use a mirror to find your best angles and expressions.

Practice good posture with shoulders back and chin slightly forward. Experiment with angles by turning your head and body slightly. Keep your body relaxed and avoid stiff poses.

Bring multiple outfits, including tops in different colors and styles. Pack a makeup touch-up kit, hairbrush, accessories, and water. Consider bringing a small mirror for on-the-spot checks.

Use relaxation techniques like deep breathing or light stretching. Listen to music that boosts your confidence and practice positive self-talk. Visualize a successful photoshoot to build confidence.