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corprate AI Headshots

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The advantages of Corporate AI headshots

The Significance of Corporate Headshots

Corporate headshots hold a unique significance in the business world. They serve as the visual representation of an individual within a professional context, carrying several key aspects of importance:

Secondly, these images facilitate brand consistency. In today’s digital age, corporate branding relies heavily on online presence.

Corprate Headshots AI
Corprate Headshots

Budgeting for Corporate AI Headshots

When considering corporate headshots for yourself or your team, budgeting is a crucial aspect of the planning process. It’s important to strike a balance between quality and cost-effectiveness to ensure you get the best value for your investment. Most photographers charge per person $100 up to $500. With AI Corporate Headshots, you could save money, they start at $20. They are a lot cheaper and nobody needs to go to the photographer.

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Photogenicity is simply not one of my strengths. That’s why usually every occasion for portraits is a real feat of strength and patience for me. Today I tested the AI generator from Profile Bakery and am thrilled with the results.


There are many AI headshot options now, but Profile Bakery is faster than most, requires less pictures to generate headshots, and is relatively afforadable compared to some other options.


My photos turned out great. The upload went very easily, the only thing that is a bit tedious are the instructions you have to follow when uploading, that could be simplified.

You can choose the style.

Example images:

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AI Photos
AI Photos
AI Photos

Here’s how it works:

Choose from a wide variety of backgrounds and clothing


Photos according to your wishes. Our prices are based on the effort for your headshots. Make a request and get your price.


Which photo formats are accepted?

We accept JPG & PNG.

Which types of photos should I upload?

We suggest uploading 10 close-up shots, 3 side profiles, 5 chest-up pictures, and 3 full body images. It is important to have a variety of facial expressions, locations, backgrounds, and perspectives. Avoid looking directly at the camera in all the photos. High quality pictures produce better results, so we recommend using minimal makeup as it may be amplified in the photos. Please note that we do not accept nude photos, but swimwear or underwear photos are acceptable.

Who has ownership of the pictures?

You do. We provide you with complete ownership and a commercial license for your photos. We do not utilize them for any other purpose besides when you agreed to it.

After the training process, what happens to my photos?

We use input photos to train our AI model and generate avatars. Within 7 days, we delete both the input photos and the models from our servers/GPU API.

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