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Here’s how our professional headshot generator works:

1. Fill out the inquiry form. This will give us an overview of your requirements. This ranges from the desired clothing style to the desired background.

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2. For larger orders and long-term collaborations, there is the option of a product test. The process is experienced in the same way as employees will experience it.

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3. We set up a booking page where you can create the photos of your employees. Alternatively, they can also create the images themselves. The images are conveniently delivered by email in a Google Drive folder.

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The advantages of business Headshots with AI


Comparison of possibilities for corporate headshots

Criteria Profile Bakery Photographer AI Competitor 1 AI Competitor 2
No obligation to create an account Yes Yes
Turnaround time 1–2 hours 48 hours 1–2 hours 1–2 hours
Multiple backgrounds to choose from optional optional x
Personalizeable as desired Yes
Packages according to need Yes x
8 years experience in studio photography Yes Yes
Data protection Servers in Germany Yes unclear unclear
Price from $24 from $60 from $29 from $25

In depth comparison with: Tryiton AI and Headshotpro

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Photogenicity is simply not one of my strengths. That’s why usually every occasion for portraits is a real feat of strength and patience for me. Today I tested the AI generator from Profile Bakery and am thrilled with the results.


There are many AI Generator options now, but Profile Bakery is faster than most, requires less pictures to generate your pictures, and is relatively afforadable compared to some other options.


My photos turned out great. The upload went very easily, the only thing that is a bit tedious are the instructions you have to follow when uploading, that could be simplified.

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How do you pose for a corporate headshot?

For a corporate headshot, stand or sit up straight to project confidence and professionalism, keeping your shoulders back but relaxed. Angle your body slightly to the side rather than facing the camera directly, turning your head towards the camera for a more dynamic look. Offer a genuine smile to convey approachability, or opt for a neutral expression if it better suits your professional image. Ensure your eyes are looking directly at the camera to create a sense of engagement and confidence. Lastly, relax your hands and arms, placing them naturally at your sides or on a surface if seated, to avoid stiffness.

Is there a difference between corporate and acting headshots?

Corporate headshots focus on professionalism and are used in business contexts, featuring neutral expressions and professional attire to convey trust and competence. Acting headshots, by contrast, are more varied, aiming to showcase an actor’s versatility and emotional range for different roles, often including a range of expressions and sometimes character-specific attire. The background in corporate headshots is typically plain and unobtrusive, emphasizing the individual’s professionalism, whereas acting headshots might allow for slightly more creative backgrounds but still maintain focus on the actor. Editing for corporate headshots aims for a clean and polished look, while acting headshots can afford a bit more artistic flair to highlight the actor’s unique features and potential for roles. The main distinction lies in their purpose: corporate headshots enhance a professional image in the business world, while acting headshots are tailored to casting needs in the entertainment industry.

What is a good corporate headshot?

A good corporate headshot is professionally lit and composed, highlighting the subject’s best features while maintaining a natural appearance. It should be high resolution and cleanly edited, without over-processing. The subject’s attire should be professional and appropriate for their industry, with neutral colors that don’t distract from their face. The background should be simple and unobtrusive, ensuring the focus remains on the individual. Lastly, the expression should be approachable and confident, reflecting the subject’s professionalism and personality.

Do the photos really show our employees?

Yes, the photos show the employees. We create the photos the way a photographer would edit them. This means that the people are illuminated, and minor imperfections disappear, as would be the case with Photoshop.

Should you smile in a corporate headshot?

Deciding whether to smile in a corporate headshot depends on several factors, including the image you want to convey and the norms of your industry. A smile can communicate warmth, approachability, and positivity, which are beneficial traits in many business contexts. Smiling, particularly a genuine Duchenne smile that involves both the mouth and eyes, can make you appear more likable, trustworthy, and competent. This type of smile is generally more appealing and can create a favorable first impression in the professional world.

However, in some industries, such as law or finance, where seriousness and professionalism are paramount, a neutral or serious expression might be more appropriate. These expressions can convey authority, expertise, and gravitas, essential in establishing credibility and trust.

How do you look good in a corporate headshot?

If you decided to go to a photographer, instead of using AI to create your professional corporate headshots, we recommend following these tips:

  1. Clothing: Choose simple, solid-colored clothing. Avoid patterns and thin stripes as they don’t translate well on camera due to the moiré effect. Also, consider how the clothes will look in black and white if the photo is converted​​.
  2. Shiny Skin: Artificial lights used in photography can make your skin look shiny. Men might want to wash their face before the shoot, and women could use a bit of concealer or foundation​​.
  3. Hair: Ensure your hair is neat and tidy. It’s especially important for those with long hair to bring a brush to the shoot​​.
  4. Makeup: Opt for a natural look. If you usually wear strong lipstick, it’s fine to continue that, but avoid bold makeup that is not part of your normal style​​.
  5. Glasses: If you normally wear glasses, clean them thoroughly to avoid dust and fingerprints showing up in the photo. Also, push them back on your nose to avoid covering your eyes​​.
  6. Best Side and Features: If you have a preferred side or specific facial features you are self-conscious about, let the photographer know so they can adjust accordingly​​.
  7. Posture and Height: Aim to be at the same height or just below the camera lens. If you’re tall, you might want to spread your legs to reduce your height slightly for a more flattering angle​​.
  8. Relaxation: Being relaxed can help you smile more naturally and look more approachable and confident​​.
  9. Facial Expressions: Think about the message you want to convey through your expression. For example, senior executives might want a firm and powerful look, while job seekers might prefer a friendly and open expression​​.
  10. Lighting: Proper lighting is crucial. It should highlight your facial features and contribute to a confident and trustworthy appearance​​.
  11. Accessories: Keep accessories minimal. However, appropriate accessories like earrings, glasses, or a tie can enhance the photo if chosen wisely​​.
  12. Composition and Angle: The photographer should focus on proper composition and the right shooting angle to optimize the appearance of your face and shoulders​​.
  13. Final Check: Before the photo shoot, take a moment to check your appearance in the mirror to ensure everything looks as you desire​​.

By following these tips, you can ensure that your corporate headshot looks professional and polished.

What is a corporate headshot?

A professional corporate headshot is a digital portrait focused on the individual, typically used for professional purposes. Common uses include profile images on social media, corporate website ‘about us’ pages, and promotional pictures. It is a key element in professional branding and networking, as it helps create a strong first impression​​. Source: Wikipedia

Which photo formats are accepted?

We accept JPG & PNG.

Which types of photos should I upload?

We suggest uploading 10 close-up shots, 3 side profiles, 5 chest-up pictures, and 3 full body images. It is important to have a variety of facial expressions, locations, backgrounds, and perspectives. Avoid looking directly at the camera in all the photos. High quality pictures produce better results, so we recommend using minimal makeup as it may be amplified in the photos. Please note that we do not accept nude photos, but swimwear or underwear photos are acceptable.

Who has ownership of the pictures?

You do. We provide you with complete ownership and a commercial license for your photos. We do not utilize them for any other purpose besides when you agreed to it.

After the training process, what happens to my photos?

We use input photos to train our AI model and generate avatars. Within 7 days, we delete both the input photos and the models from our servers/GPU API.

Corprate Headshots AI

The significance of corporate business headshots

Corporate business headshots hold a unique significance in the business world. They serve as the visual representation of an individual within a professional context, carrying several key aspects of importance:

Secondly, these images facilitate brand consistency. In today’s digital age, corporate branding relies heavily on online presence.

Which backgrounds are best for corporate headshots?

Solid, neutral colors like grey, navy, or beige are typically the best backgrounds because they keep the focus on the individual without distraction. Textured backgrounds that are not too busy can also work well, adding depth to the photo while maintaining a professional look. Ultimately, the background should be consistent with the company’s branding or the professional context in which the headshot will be used.

Corprate Headshots AI
Corprate Headshots

Budgeting for Corporate AI Headshots

When considering corporate headshots for yourself or your team, budgeting is a crucial aspect of the planning process. It’s important to strike a balance between quality and cost-effectiveness to ensure you get the best value for your investment. Most photographers charge per person $100 up to $500. With AI business headshots, you could save money, they start at $24. They are a lot cheaper and nobody needs to go to the photographer.