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Here’s how it works:

Affiliate Terms:

Here are some important guidelines for our affiliate program. These rules are designed to ensure a fair and positive experience for everyone involved:

  1. Self-referrals are not permitted. This means you cannot sign up for Profile Bakery using your own affiliate link.

  2. Any abuse, manipulation, or attempts to deceive (such as posting fake discounts on coupon-sharing websites) will result in permanent account suspension.

  3. Please refrain from using search engine ads, especially those involving our brand or domain names, Facebook ads, or any other advertising that may compete with our own marketing efforts and potentially confuse customers.

  4. Do not run Facebook ads that link to our website or anything similar that could compete with our own paid marketing, drive up our costs, and create confusion.

  5. Avoid impersonating or claiming to represent us, such as posing as an employee.

  6. Please note that we reserve the right to modify the Terms of Service for our affiliate program at any time.

These rules are in place to maintain fairness, integrity, and clarity within our affiliate program.