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At Profile Bakery, we revolutionize the way you experience photography. Gone are the days of traditional photo sessions where you only see the results at the end, or where the photographer chooses the best shots for you. Leveraging cutting-edge AI technology, we empower you with the ability to generate countless AI-created headshots, giving you the freedom to choose the images that resonate with you the most.

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Empowering Your Image, Elevating Your Career: At Profile Bakery, we combine the artistry of professional photography with cutting-edge AI technology to create headshots that open doors and capture your essence. Beyond images, we offer tailored career services to support your journey towards success. Your story, our focus.

We’re fueled by the synergy of technology and creativity. Our philosophy centers on:

1) Elevating Identity: We capture the essence of individuals, celebrating their uniqueness through innovative AI-infused photography.

2) Empowering Futures: Beyond images, we open doors to new opportunities, helping clients step confidently into their next career chapter.

3) Crafting with Care: Our philosophy is built on attention to detail, personalized service, and an unwavering commitment to client satisfaction.

1) Authentic Portraits, Amplified Opportunities: We pledge to capture your true self through AI-infused photography, opening doors to new horizons.

2) Guiding Your Success: Our commitment extends beyond images. We promise personalized career support to empower your journey.

3) Excellence in Every Pixel: With meticulous attention to detail, we promise exceptional quality that reflects our dedication.

Our AI tool is especially trained for great AI Headshots, AI Profile Pictures, AI Application pictures, AI portraits and AI Employee pictures. We take great care to create a pleasant experience. Our promise is our results and your satisfaction.

Our team boasts seasoned photographers, AI technicians, and digital artisans dedicated to revolutionizing portrait photography. With over a decade of collective experience, certifications from reputed photography and tech institutions, and affiliations with recognized industry bodies, we’re at the forefront of melding artistic finesse with AI brilliance. Our team members founded a chain of photo studios which is represented in Switzerland and Germany with over 25 studios. The studios are specialized in headshot and application photography.

Our affiliations with VOX Media CODE 2023 and ETH-Entrepreneur Club members further cement our commitment to delivering unmatched quality and innovation in every shot. At CODE 2023 we were one of eight companies presented in the AI Studio, next to Starlink of Google.

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