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AI Headshots

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before woman 512x512After woman

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Thank you for the great photos) I am delighted with the work of the AI system and your team. I have already posted several photos on my social network and provided a link to your resource. 😍

The photos are frighteningly good.


I was allowed to test the new service and really loved my headshots! Keep up the good work!


Criteria Profile Bakery Competitor 1 Competitor 2 Competitor 3
No obligation to create an account Yes – – –
Included: Cover Letter, Cancellation, Basic CV Template Yes – – –
AI Cover Letter Tool optional – – –
Multiple backgrounds to choose from optional – x –
Personalizeable as desired Yes – – –
Packages according to need Yes – x –
8 years experience in studio photography Yes – – –

In depth comparison with: Tryiton AI and Headshotpro

a good variety off styles with every package

βœ”οΈgrey suit
βœ”οΈwhite shirt
βœ”οΈblue suit

βœ”οΈblack suit with tie
βœ”οΈblue suit with tie
βœ”οΈgrey suit with tie

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AI Headshot before

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What other people are asking

What is the output quality and format of the images?

Our aim is to provide AI-generated headshots of studio quality, for professional uses like job applications, LinkedIn profiles, and company websites. But the quality depends on the photos you submit. We guide you in uploading these images to ensure the best results.

The completed portraits are available for download as JPEG files in a Google Drive folder.

Is there an app for professional headshots?

Yes, there is an app. Profile Bakery is usable as App and Online.

Is there a free AI headshot generator?

There are certain tools available online claiming to be free AI headshot generators. However, it’s not uncommon for such tools to have hidden costs – for instance, they may allow you to create a headshot for free initially, but then require payment to download the final image without a watermark.

To get a great quality, we recommend using a transparent product, with a good portfolio and before and after examples.

Are AI generated Headshots suitable for professional use?

Yes, the results are suitable for professional use cases, like CV photos, job applications, LinkedIn and corporate websites.

The high-quality photos, which are generated, are a great choice for improving your professional look.

How much are AI Headshots?

The market range is from $20 to $150. At Profile Bakery the price starts at $20.

In addition, our Headshots come with a variety of complimentary extras like CV templates, notice of termination template, interview training (coming soon) and a job kanban board, which are free for our clients.

What is the status of headshots in the English-speaking world?

Professional headshots are widely used in the English-speaking world, especially in the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia. Focusing on the head and shoulders, these photos represent individuals visually and are essential for actors, models, and performers in casting and auditions. They show one’s looks, versatility, and role suitability. Styles vary, but they aim to capture natural features and personality, often enhanced by professional photography techniques.

Beyond entertainment, headshots are also key for business professionals, entrepreneurs, and creatives in their promotional materials and online presence, establishing a professional image.

How do I make an AI headshot for LinkedIn?

It’s easy, just go to and upload some pictures of you. The AI will create a perfect headshot for you.

What are AI headshots?

This term refers to portrait photos that are created with the help of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. By using facial recognition and analysis algorithms, they can create a perfect image by removing unwanted elements and optimizing the image.

In a first step, the input photos are analyzed using machine learning and data points are created. Before the data points are used to create a virtual face that represents the person in the photos. The AI-generated images are then created using the data points.

The process shows the importance of the input photos. If you are not properly recognizable on these, for example because your eyes are covered by sunglasses, it becomes difficult or even impossible for the AI to recreate your face correctly.

Classic vs. AI Headshots

Criteria AI headshots classic headshots
Price from 20 60
Included: Cover Letter, Cancellation, Basic CV Template x –
Different backgrounds x with surcharge
Convenient to use from home x –
AI Cover Letter Tool optional –
Background change optional –

Profile Bakery in Comparison

Criteria Profile Bakery Tryiton AI Headshotpro
Pricing 20 $ 17 $ 29 $
Photos Required 6 – 15 10 – 20 20
Turnaround Time 1 – 2 hours 24 – 72 hours 2 hours
Satisfaction Guarantee Available (Second run if not satisfied) –
Experience with Studio Photography Many years of experience –
Additional Services Background change and more –

Disclaimer: Comparison Date, 01 June 2023. Please write us, if you see that something changed.

If you would like to read more about the comparison between the different providers, follow these links:
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About our Service

Before AI generation β€”manAfter AI generation β€” man

Our AI headshot generator

Our service uses artificial intelligence to create stunning headshots from your vacation and other photos you upload. Uploading your images is simple and straightforward. To support the performance of the AI, we ask you to provide some additional details. After the upload, you will receive an immediate confirmation of and our AI will start to work.

Our main focus is to generate authentic and realistic pictures. We put great emphasis on achieving the best possible quality.

Use Cases

Before AI generation β€” womanAfter AI generation β€” woman

LinkedIn and other networks

AI-generated headshots can be a valuable tool for LinkedIn users, particularly for those who may not have access to professional photography services or those who need a high-quality photo quickly.

Some advantages of the AI generated headshots:

  1. Better First Impressions

  2. Stand Out from the Crowd

  3. Enhances Trustworthiness

Other social medias like Tinder

AI-generated headshots can be a valuable tool for personal use on social media platforms and dating apps like Tinder.

Advantages when you use them:

  1. Better First Impressions

  2. Stand Out

  3. Showcases your personality

Before AI image generationAfter AI image generation
Before AI useAfter AI use

Create them for your Team

Give your team’s profiles a professional edge with AI-generated headshots. Highlight the individual expertise and essence of your team members while reinforcing your brand’s image. Profile Bakery’s advanced algorithms accurately analyze facial features, ensuring a consistent and polished appearance in every picture. By using our AI headshot generator for your team’s profile photos, you can strengthen your company’s online presence.

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