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Photogenicity is simply not one of my strengths. That’s why usually every occasion for portraits is a real feat of strength and patience for me. Today I tested the AI generator from Profile Bakery and am thrilled with the results.


There are many AI headshot options now, but Profile Bakery is faster than most, requires less pictures to generate headshots, and is relatively afforadable compared to some other options.


My photos turned out great. The upload went very easily, the only thing that is a bit tedious are the instructions you have to follow when uploading, that could be simplified.


Criteria Profile Bakery Competitor 1 Competitor 2 Competitor 3
No obligation to create an account Yes
Included: Cover Letter, Cancellation, Basic CV Template Yes
AI Cover Letter Tool optional
Multiple backgrounds to choose from optional x
Personalizeable as desired Yes
Packages according to need Yes x
8 years experience in studio photography Yes

In depth comparison with: Tryiton AI and Headshotpro

Give Your LinkedIn a Fresh, Memorable Look

a good variety off styles with every package

✔️grey suit
✔️white shirt
✔️blue suit

✔️black suit with tie
✔️blue suit with tie
✔️grey suit with tie

you can choose your backgrounds in our AI Headshot Generator

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FAQ for AI Headshot Generators

What is the output quality and format of the images?

Our aim is to provide AI-generated headshots of studio quality, crafted with precise attention to detail. These headshots are ideal for a range of professional purposes, including job applications, LinkedIn profiles, and corporate websites.

It’s important to note that the final quality of these headshots relies heavily on the quality of the photos you submit. Throughout the process, we offer guidance on uploading the most suitable pictures to ensure optimal results.

Upon completion, your headshots will be available for download in a designated Google Drive folder, formatted as JPEG images.

Is there an app for professional headshots?

Yes, you can find apps on various app stores that offer services for taking professional headshots. However, it’s common for these apps to allow you to download and use the service for free initially, but require payment when you try to access or download your pictures at the end.

We generally do not recommend using apps for professional headshots, especially if it’s not a service you plan on using frequently. The quality and professionalism provided by a dedicated photographer or a studio setting is often superior.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that these apps may collect personal data and send you notifications, which could be intrusive. Before downloading any app, it’s a good practice to review its data collection policies to ensure you are comfortable with how your information will be handled.

Is there a free AI headshot generator?

There are certain tools available online claiming to be free AI headshot generators. However, it’s not uncommon for such tools to have hidden costs – for instance, they may allow you to create a headshot for free initially, but then require payment to download the final image.

It’s crucial to bear in mind the adage, “If you’re not paying for it, you become the product.” Some free tools may use the photos you upload to train their AI models or for other data-related purposes, which could potentially infringe on your privacy.

Quality often comes at a price, especially with something as complex as AI headshot generation. Training AI models to generate high-quality headshots requires significant computing resources, which incur costs. Therefore, it’s challenging to find a genuinely free service that delivers professional-quality headshots.

When you do come across free services, the output quality tends to be noticeably lower, or the service might simply be performing a face swap rather than generating a professional headshot. This may not provide the polished, professional appearance that a quality headshot should have.

Are AI Headshots from our generator suitable for professional use?

Our AI headshot generator is good for many professional uses. It can make your social media profiles look better, help your business profiles stand out, and add a nice photo to your resume. We also have a special package for dating apps like Tinder and Bumble. Many people say this helped them get more matches.

The high-quality photos it makes are a great choice for improving your professional look.

Who is using AI headshot generators?

A growing number of individuals are embracing AI headshots, spanning a wide range of use cases and professions. Our Research Lab Headshot has gathered data regarding the demographics of AI headshot users.

Users of AI Headshots

Currently, 36% of users are women, while 64% are men. The AI system is limited to recognizing only male and female genders, which may affect the accuracy of these statistics moving forward.

How much are ai headshots?

Our comprehensive market analysis reveals a price range of 20 USD to 150 USD for AI headshots. We pride ourselves on offering a competitive starting price of 20 USD, but what sets us apart is the added value we provide. Our packages come with a variety of complimentary extras such as personalized background selection, cv templates, interview training (coming soon).

Our aim is to blend affordability with superior quality and customer-centric services, ensuring you receive unparalleled value for your investment.

How are we different from other AI Headshot services?

Our product stands out due to several factors that set it apart from others:

  1. Expertise in Studio Photography: Our headshot generator software is built upon many years of experience in studio photography. This expertise allows us to understand the preferences and expectations of customers when it comes to high-quality headshots. We leverage this knowledge to create AI-generated headshots that meet professional standards and deliver excellent results.
  2. Customer-Centric Approach: We prioritize customer satisfaction and strive to provide a seamless and convenient experience. Our aim is to make the process of generating headshots as easy and user-friendly as possible. We value your time and understand the importance of delivering a product that meets your expectations.
  3. Affordable Pricing: We believe that professional-quality headshots should be accessible to everyone without breaking the bank. Therefore, we offer our services at an affordable price, ensuring that you can obtain high-quality headshots without compromising your budget.

What do I need to know about headshots in the English-speaking world?

When it comes to headshots in the English-speaking world, here are some key things to know:

  1. Professionalism: Headshots are expected to present individuals in a professional manner. They should accurately represent your appearance, showcase your personality, and highlight your unique qualities. It’s important to choose a headshot that aligns with the industry or purpose for which it will be used.
  2. Quality: High-quality headshots are crucial for making a positive impression. It’s recommended to work with a professional photographer experienced in headshot photography. They can ensure proper lighting, composition, and capture your best features. Investing in a well-crafted headshot can greatly enhance your professional image. Today, it’s more common to use AI Headshots.
  3. Style and Format: Different industries or purposes may have specific style preferences for headshots. For example, headshots in the entertainment industry may differ from those used in corporate settings. Research the industry standards and look at examples from professionals in your field to get an idea of the desired style and format.
  4. Expression and Energy: Headshots should capture a range of expressions that reflect your versatility and potential roles you can undertake. Avoid overly posed or unnatural looks. A genuine, confident, and approachable expression can make your headshot more engaging and appealing.
  5. Wardrobe and Grooming: Choose attire that matches the purpose of your headshot and the industry you’re in. Dress professionally and appropriately, paying attention to details such as colors, patterns, and necklines. Keep grooming neat and clean, ensuring your hair, makeup, and overall appearance are well-maintained.
  6. Updating Headshots: It’s important to keep your headshots current and reflective of your current appearance. As your look evolves over time, consider updating your headshots every few years or when there are significant changes in your appearance, such as hairstyle, weight, or age.
  7. Online Presence: In today’s digital world, having a strong online presence is vital. Use your headshot consistently across professional networking sites, social media profiles, and personal websites. This helps create a cohesive personal brand and makes it easier for others to recognize and connect with you.
  8. Industry-Specific Requirements: Different industries may have specific requirements or preferences when it comes to headshots. For example, actors may need different types of headshots for theater, film, or commercial work. Stay informed about the specific guidelines or expectations relevant to your industry.

Remember that practices and trends can change over time, so it’s a good idea to stay updated with the latest industry standards and preferences.

What is the status of headshots in the English speaking world?

Headshots are commonly used in the English-speaking world for various purposes, particularly in the entertainment industry and for business purposes. A headshot is a professional photograph of a person’s face, typically focusing on their head and shoulders. It serves as a visual representation of an individual, often used for casting in film, television, theater, and modeling.

Headshots are typically required by actors, actresses, models, and other performers when submitting their portfolios or applying for auditions and casting calls. These photographs help casting directors and agents assess an individual’s appearance, versatility, and suitability for specific roles. They provide a quick glimpse into an individual’s features, expressions, and potential range as an actor or model.

The style and format of headshots may vary based on regional preferences, industry standards, and individual preferences. However, they generally aim to capture the subject’s natural features and personality. Professional photographers specializing in headshots often use high-quality cameras, lighting techniques, and makeup to present individuals in the best possible light.

In addition to the entertainment industry, headshots are also used in other professional contexts. Business professionals, entrepreneurs, and individuals in creative fields such as authors, speakers, and artists often use headshots for their promotional materials, websites, social media profiles, and professional networking platforms. These photographs help create a professional image and provide a visual introduction to potential clients, collaborators, or employers.

How do I make an AI headshot for LinkedIn?

It’s easy, just go to and upload some pictures of you. The AI will create a perfect headshot for you.

What are AI headshots?

AI headshots are portrait photos that are created with the help of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. By using facial recognition and analysis algorithms, AI Headshots can create the perfect portrait image by removing unwanted elements and optimizing the image.

In a first step, the input photos are analyzed using machine learning and data points are created. Before the data points are used to create a virtual face that represents the person in the photos. The AI-generated images are then created using the data points.

The process shows the importance of the input photos. If you are not properly recognizable on these, for example because your eyes are covered by sunglasses, it becomes difficult or even impossible for the AI to recreate your face correctly.

Should you choose our AI Headshot generator or classic photographer Headshots?

Criteria AI headshots Classic headshots
Price from 20 60
Included: Cover Letter, Cancellation, Basic CV Template x
Different backgrounds x with surcharge
Convenient to use from home x
Realistic headshots x x
AI Cover Letter Tool optional
Background change optional

About our Service

AI Headshot manAI Headshot Generator

Meet our AI headshot Generator for professional Shots

Our artificial intelligence technology ensures that your vacation and other photos are transformed into professional-looking headshots. The quality of the input directly impacts the quality of the results achieved.

What Can You Use Our Photos for?

AI Headshot Generator beforeHeadshot Generator after

1. Use it for LinkedIn and other networks

Your advantages:

  1. Better first impressions
  2. Stand out from the crowd
  3. Enhances trustworthiness

2. Use it for Dating Profile Pictures on Tinder or Bumble

Your advantages:

  1. Get more matches
  2. Stand out
  3. Showcases your personality
Ai Headshot generator woman beforeAI Headshot Generator woman after
Ai headshot generator before manai headshot generator after man

3. Use AI Headshots for your staff and employees or Startup Team

Imagine you have “About Us” Pictures in no time. Give your team’s profiles a professional edge with AI-generated headshots.

More on AI Headshots and AI Headshot Generators

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What our customers are asking about our AI Headshot Generator

What are your recommendations for the upload of photos?

Here are our recommendations for the process:

  • Upload at least 8 Images.
  • Show your face in detail (if you don’t see for example the eye color on your photos, the AI also can’t see it).
  • Use photos where your face look similar (If you have in one blonde hair and in the other blue, the AI can mix it up).
  • Use different clothing styles and backgrounds. Else, sometimes the AI think certain clothes are a part of you and will reproduce them in all photos.
  • Use photos which have a size between 300 KB and 4 MB (also smaller and bigger images work).
  • Upload at least 8 photos
  • “Use a format such as .png, .jpg, or .jpeg; other formats are also possible but may result in longer delivery times. Use a format like .png, .jpg, or .jpeg other formats are also possible, but sometimes cause longer delivery times (Convert your images here.)
  • Show your face in detail (if you don’t see for example the eye color on your photos, the AI also can’t see it).
  • Use photos where your face look similar (If you have in one blonde hair and in the other blue, the AI can mix it up).
  • Use different clothing styles and backgrounds. Else, sometimes the AI think certain clothes are a part of you and will reproduce them in all photos.
  • Use photos which have a size between 300 KB and 4 MB (also smaller and bigger images work).
What happens to my uploaded images? Do you use them for your AI technology?

We are committed to respecting your privacy and ensuring the confidentiality of your images. We only utilize your images for the sole purpose of training a model, contained within a single file of approximately 1-2 GB. Rest assured, both the model and your original images will be permanently deleted within one month. Please note that your images will not be sold, repurposed, or utilized for any marketing purposes without your explicit written consent.

What payment methods do you offer?

We accept all major credit cards and PayPal. Bank transfers are available for our business clients who have placed more than 10 orders.

What is the estimated delivery time?

The estimated delivery time for your pictures is two hours. If you haven’t received your pictures after this time, please check your spam folder first. If you still can’t find them or the folder is empy, please feel free to contact our support team at

How will I receive my pictures?

During the ordering process, you will be asked to provide your email address. The finalized images will then be sent to this email, along with a link that will allow you to access your gallery.

What makes Profile Bakery’s services unique?

Our services are distinguished by our extensive experience and strong foundation in studio photography. This enables us to accurately understand your specific needs, particularly when you request an AI Headshot. Moreover, our focus is on delivering professional photos, including application photos, headshots, and pictures for professional profiles such as LinkedIn. In addition, we offer unique extras such as CV checks, background changes, and application letter writing tools.

What products or services do you offer?

We specialize in professional photography and career services. The pictures generated by our AI can be utilized in four domains:

  • AI Headshot Generator
  • AI Application Photos
  • AI Profile Pictures
  • AI Portrait Pictures